How to play like a pro

Playing Cartridge '81 is easy, but let's provide you with some extra tips to make you reach even higher scores.

Cartridge '81 is actually a precision game. There is a cost associated with each shot, so be as precise as you can and save your points. You can really improve your skills. Think of it as skeet shooting. Being trigger-happy is fun, but it won't bring you the highest scores. Train on utilizing both of your guns to aim at different objects. Avoid using both of them to shoot at the same point.

Each track is divided into a number of stages. In each stage you should clear either a wave (group of enemies) or a single enemy. When this is done, a new iteration of the wave/enemy type is spawned, which will be associated with an even higher score. So clear as many waves/enemies as possible during each stage.

Boss 1: Squimpfy

In the end-of-level boss games, you should always focus on the objects with a pulsating hue. Track 1 ends with a tentacle equipped creature called Squimpfy. The first part of this boss game is merely score collection. For each tentacle you manage to clear you earn 4000 points. Tentacles are respawned. When the roof comes off, and Squimpfy starts to rise, keep clearing tentacles. After a while Squimpfy will also start to pulsate, and can be shot. When Squimpfy finally is down, you still need to clear all the tentacle pieces flying around you to get the full bonus. If you can't see them, listen carefully for their swooshing sounds.

Boss 2: Punkatella

Shoot at the pulsating joints of this giant spider. Punkatella becomes extremely stressed by excessive shooting, so aim carefully and use as few and precise shots as you can. When using this technique you can also shoot at Punkatella's body to make her turn around. This way you can systematically work through all the legs and destroy her in time.

Boss 3: Terminalo

The robot Terminalo spawns glass balls like a maniac. Blast the balls to decrease Terminalo's energy. Once it reaches zero, Terminalo will start to pulsate, and now you can shoot him until he breaks apart. If you fail, Terminalo may eject a spiteful comment.

Some other tips

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